Detailing Packages

Interior Detailing....

Only the best products are used to bring the Shine back to your interior. Starting with a full vacuum and forced air using a special tool that lifts embedded dirt and debris from fabric and carpet fibers, not one crumb is left behind. Stains are treated with pre-spot and an enzyme based cleaner. All cracks, crevices, vents, pockets, on, under, and between the seats are purged of dirt, dust, and gunk. Not a single area is left untouched. Plan to leave your vehicle for few hours. Remove all personal belongings.

If needed in addition to pre-spot stain treatments, hot water extraction is used after shampooing fabric and carpets followed by air movers for thorough drying. Extra time is needed for this service, a surcharge is applied.

***Surcharge applies to pet hair removal and heavily soiled vehicles***

1-row seating $99 | 2-row seating $99-$119 | 3-row seating $139

Apply Opti-Coat leather/fabric permanent protection

with warranty $599, without warranty $350

Exterior Detailing....

There will be absolutely no marring and swirling happening to your vehicles paint at Best Shine Auto Detailing. Great care goes into making your paint Shine using the softest washing and drying media available! A decontamination wash is done that frees the surface from road grime, brake dust, tar, bugs and tree sap, followed by a clay bar treatment to further pull out embedded debris and fallout from the surface to create a smooth glossy finish. Your paint now has a truely clean surface and is completely free of contamination and ready for paint protection. Opti-Seal is applied to protect your paint against these environmental nuances for up to 6 months for easier regular in-between washes.

cars/sedans $79 | CUV/SUV/most Trucks $109 | Luxury SUV's/Vans/Full size Trucks $139

Apply Optimum Paint Guard™3yr paint protection starting at $599 

Complete Detailing....

The Best of both worlds. Apply everything you see under Interior and Exterior Detailing to get the Best Shine Under the Sun! Plan to leave your vehicle most of the day. Remove all personal belongings.

***Surcharge applies to pet hair removal and heavily soiled vehicles***

cars/sedans $149| CUV/SUV/small Trucks $169 | Luxury SUV's/Vans/Full size Trucks $199

Prices are subject to change at any time

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