Detailing Packages

Interior Detailing....

Only the best products are used to bring the Shine back to your interior. Starting with a full vacuum and forced air using a special tool that lifts embedded dirt and debris from fabric and carpet fibers, not one crumb is left behind. Stains are treated with pre-spot and an enzyme based cleaner. All cracks, crevices, vents, pockets, on, under, and between the seats are purged of dirt, dust, and gunk. Not a single area is left untouched. Plan to leave your vehicle for few hours. Remove all personal belongings and car seats!

If needed in addition to pre-spot stain treatments, hot water extraction is used after shampooing fabric and carpets followed by air movers for thorough drying. Extra time is needed for this service.

***Surcharge applies to pet hair removal and heavily soiled vehicles such as losing the battle with children or work and dirt road vehicles***

Pricing is $75/hr based on one person detailing

small vehicle(coupe) - 2-3hrs

mid size vehicle(impala, chevy trax) - 3-4hrs

full size vehicle(2row SUV, standard cab truck, Escape) - 3-6hrs

oversize vehicle(3row SUV,  full size truck, suburban, F250) - 5-7hrs

Apply Opti-Coat leather/fabric permanent protection

with warranty $599, without warranty $350

Exterior Detailing....

THIS is where Best Shine Auto Detailing specializes!  Great care goes into making your paint Shine using the softest washing and drying media available! A decontamination wash is done that frees the surface from road grime, brake dust, tar, bugs and tree sap, followed by a clay bar treatment to further pull out embedded debris and fallout from the surface to create a smooth glossy finish. Your paint now has a truly clean surface and is completely free of contamination and ready for paint correction and protection. 


small vehicle - $300

mid size vehicle - $400

full size vehicle - $550

oversize vehicle - $700


small vehicle - $550

midsize vehicle - $650

full size vehice - $800

oversize vehicle - $1000


Protect your investments interior and exterior for several years!

Interior coatings protect against UV damage, stains, and even help with pet hair from being a nuance. Cleaning up a stain in your interior will be easy as using a warm wet rag! Dirt and hair will blow out and vacuum much easier than without protection!


Exterior Ceramic Coatings.....Never wax again...if you don't want to.....

The chemical formulations varies from brand to brand. You will hear words like Si02, carbide, nano-tech, and polymers tossed around in the ceramic world. Most companies have an Si02 base and then a few other special ingredients creating their own recipe and niche in the ceramic coating industry.  Heck there are even consumer grade "ceramic" sprays available to everyone now, they just don't last long without continuous reapplication. Trust me, several detailers have put them to the test, just do a YouTube search.

When you come to a detailer who uses ceramic coatings, more than likely they have taken a course in a professional grade product not available to consumers. So you are paying for something that is going to require the proper prep work before the applications. When a true ceramic coating is applied to your vehicles paint a barrier is created to help protect it from bird droppings, bug guts, grit and grim from the roads, especially tar. It helps to reduce the amount of scratches and slow down marring and swirl marks from various types of abrasion, but not all. Let's be real here for a second! There is not a single ceramic coating on the market that will stop  stone chips, scratches, and swirl marks from happening, even if you never went through a tunnel brush car wash and never used a drying towel, these imperfections will still occur. If you don't ever want any of that to happen, get the whole vehicle wrapped in vinyl (I gotta guy) or ppf (more on that later as I am in training).

A ceramic coating will not only protect you from what I have mentioned above, but it will give your paint a deep wet shine glossy finish that will last for years! You will spend alot less time maintaining your vehicle and more time driving it. I have a 7 year warranty on exterior coatings and a 5 year warranty on interior coatings. I put both coatings on carfax as well. Let's talk numbers!


All interior coatings = $600


Car/Sedan/small SUV(escape size) = $1500

Mid-size SUV(explorer size = $1600

Large SUV (expedition size) = $2000

Trucks = $1800


Introducing NEW technology in the coating industry! This is NOT A CERAMIC coating. Revivify is changing the game with their advanced nano technology and redefining coatings. A truly self healing coating!  Unlike the self healing claims made with other brands, there is no limit of times this coatings can self heal. No more worrying about towel drying marks and swirls on your paint! Simply leave your car in the hot sun for a couple hours, pour hot water over it, or use a heat gun and watch swirls and light scratches disappear!  Finally a coating that checks all the boxes (minus stone chips, this is where PPF comes in).



3 year protection                        

1 layer of ultra self heal 

small vehicle - $1200 

midsize vehicle - $1600  

full size vehicle - $2000 

oversize vehicle - $2500

5 year protection                        

2 layers of ultra self heal 

small vehicle - $1600 

midsize vehicle - $1900  

full size vehicle - $2300 

oversize vehicle - $2900

10 year protection

1 layer of inorganic base, 2 layers of ultra self heal

small vehicle - $1900

midsize vehicle - $2300

full size vehicle - $2800

oversize vehicle - $3400

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