Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are new to detailing or used to some of the old school techniques and language of the detailing world, this page is going to help prepare and answer some very common questions.

The most important of them all! Why should I detail my car?

Beside mechanical maintenance, your vehicles condition will make a large impact on it's resale value. Live on a dirt road? Even more reason to take extra measures to preserve the appearance of your vehicle. When you are ready to sell it, the consumer will more likely want to make the purchase seeing how well you cared for your vehicle. You are creating a barrier to the dirt and daily destruction from you, children and pets. 

How long will it take to detail my vehicle?

Typically with in a day unless otherwise stated. This isn't your backyard wipe down. We are working hard to bring your vehicle back to it's former glory. Carpets and/or seats need to be dry before your vehicle is returned. The condition of every vehicle on the schedule effects the duration of the detailing process for the day. We will call about 30 minutes from completion. If you cannot pick up before we close, then we can have other arrangements made. 

How do I plan for my drop off?

We are typically booked out a couple weeks in advance. There are rarely cancellations but we can put you on a waitlist, otherwise it is encourage you schedule for the next available date. 

Always remove all belongings and car seats, throw away all your trash. We are not responsible for any missing belongings.

If you would like your console and glove box cleaned then remove everything from those areas, otherwise we will clean around the opening and edges. 

There is a key drop box to drop off the night before or earlier than opening hours.

What form of payment do you take?

We accept cash, check to Best Shine, and all credit cards which are due at the time of pick up. If you are making other arrangements for pick up, we can take payment over the phone. We do not use any form of cash apps.

Can you remove that scratch by buffing it out with a wax?

I am not sure where this statement originated, but there is no such thing. See the paint correction tab to learn more about the scratch removal process.

Don't you buff the car while it's in here getting detailed?

This is a completely separate service above and beyond detailing. Back in the olden days.....detailers would spend all day on one vehicle, detailing the interior and then spending another few hours using a buffer with some filling compounds to fill in scratches while adding some gloss to a vehicles paint that would last for maybe 60 days. Then the scratches would start to return, with additional scratches, after several car wash visits. Gone are those days. Most everything you need to know that we now learn in our training is provided in the paint correction tab.

Can you get rid of that smell?

There is never a 100% guarantee. Ozone treatments are the most aggressive form of neutralizing odors such as smoke, milk, vomit, wet dog etc. If the odors are mild we can use a chlorine bomb. These are services you will find under the add ons tab.

What kind of products do you use?

I spend alot of time looking for not only the most efficient, but the longest lasting high quality products on the market to get the job done. This also means I spare no expense on my products. You will not find the same product on my shelf that you can run to your local parts store and purchase.  I will not product bash on my website, but I will not use overly advertised products either. If a company has to over advertise their products to get you to buy it, chances are it does NOT do as advertised, is poor quality, and damaging in some way that will most certainly become detrimental to a detailers business. Also upon my research I have found that there isn't any one certain company can provide every single product needed from start to finish to get the job done. So this question cannot be answered simply by naming a brand. No brand ambassadors happening in this business. 

Don't you have a husband or boyfriend to help you run this business?

No, move along....